20% Chaos. 80% Focus.

I’m a writer. And that means I have a first-class ticket to the circus of clutter. 

My life is spent between NewYorker essays, Charles Bukowski Poems, Murakami novels, and lots of cartoons that enhance my creativity. 

All artists have faith. Without faith, you can’t be an artist. Because you have to believe that all of the above — that Pangaea of information you consume every day — will turn into something concrete and monetizable. 

The trick is to limit your schedule. 

You know, when you have a creative job, you have to surf the waves of chaos everyday and wade into the unknown sea. For there alone is the raw material you have to work with. 

But you have to be able to go back. — You have to enter Narnia through the closet, but you can’t forget to come back.

All professionals in the art world — to put a label on it — need to remind ourselves that we can’t spend the day in our dream world because we have to pay the bills at the end of the month like the rest of the human beings and we can’t pay the rent with drawings and poems, but with money.

And this is a valuable lesson applicable to any person and field. 

You have to trust that your chaos will somehow lead you to create something solid and concrete in your life: a relationship, a trip, a project, a business, etc.

You have to establish a schedule where you connect the dots and organize your chaos, where your ideas will take shape and become viable or disposable.

Conclusion: Experiment, let your hair down, dream, and enjoy the creative process, but do it 20% of the time. The rest of the time (80%), you have to organize your chaos: find investors, do the paperwork, set goals, find clients, etc.

If you apply this rule to your life, you will go further than you ever imagined.

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