Patience is Science.

Drawing by the author

To be patient is to seek balance while being aware of the prevalence of chaos.

Chaos is the force with which the universe makes you grow.

Perfect balance does not exist and should not exist because if something did not destabilize your life, everything would be flat, static, and boring. And your life would be meaningless.

Balance is the absence of movement, and therefore it is inert and sterile. Yet you have to pursue it repeatedly and trust that chaos will unbalance you from time to time so that you can once again seek the center.

You are like the ship’s captain who rectifies the course with his rudder. The sea is the universe. You cannot control it. You can only correct the boat repeatedly so as not to sink.

The universe is chaos, and your mission in life is to try to order that chaos, even knowing that it is impossible because change is constant. After all, in doing so, you grow spiritually and in all other aspects of your life.

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