The Miracle Seed.

With Leon Tolstoi’s permission, I will version one of his stories.

The story goes that some children found a seed so ample that it looked like a hen’s egg and sold it to the Tsar.

The Tsar did not know if it was a seed or an egg until a henpecked the strange object, and they saw that it was a wheat seed.

Amazed by the size of the grain, the Tsar asked all the wise men where he could find more such seeds. But none of them knew the answer.

So they sent for an elder from the area where the seed had been found to see if he could answer the Tzar’s questions.

After a while, an old man with two crutches appeared before the Tzar, denied knowing where the seeds came from and said he would call his father.

The next day the old man’s father came. He was a man with only one crutch, and curiously enough, he looked less old than his son, but he did not know where to find more seeds. So, in turn, he called his father.

When the father arrived, he curiously walked without crutches and looked younger than his son and grandson. And he did know where those seeds sprouted from.

He told the Czar that seeds like that sprouted everywhere in the old days and that they could not be bought anywhere or planted on any particular land because in those days there was no money and the land was owned by no one.

The seed was from when people had values and shared food, and the only thing a man owned was his work.

That is why, said the old man with the appearance of a young man to the Tzar, today there are no more seeds like that because today men are not the owners of their work. They only want to own the work of others.


Work dignifies and keeps you young and vital. On the other hand, being greedy, being a bad person, and taking advantage of others rots you from the inside. And it’s true. Just look at what warlords or dictators look like. Would you like to look like them?

All you have is your job, and your job will make you happy, long-lived, and healthy.

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