It’s Not Being the Best Writer. It’s Being the Bestseller.

It’s not enough to be right. You have to be able to sell it.

—Ryan Holiday.

I am not talking about money, I am speaking about being effective with your words.

Good writers write about what people want to read. Great writers write about what people NEED to read.

And you need to read this—even if it hurts. 

You have to be bold, and you have to take risks with your words. You must speak your truth, even if people don’t want to hear you.

You have to communicate your needs, hopes, and dreams.

You only have one life, my dear Super Mario. And in this world, there are no magic mushrooms to give you an extra try.

Therefore learning to communicate accurately is very important. 

That’s what I mean when I talk about selling. You must sell yourself so well that people want to buy your projects and proposals.

You need people. And people need you.

The first step is to be honest, and answer, “What do I really want and why? And then communicate it to the world. 

That’s how you will improve your life: with your voice. 

Don’t be silent.

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