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Rule 3: Understanding Resistance to Change

“The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. Only after death, only in solitude, does a man’s true nature emerge. In death, as on the chimney sweep’s Saturday night, the soot gets washed from his body.”

—Frank Kafka.

For a new you to be born, the old you has to die; you can only be one person at a time. 

That’s why it’s so hard for you to diet. 

That’s why you’re too lazy to go for a run. 

That’s why you find it hard to stop hanging out with the same people (even if they hurt you).

That’s why it’s hard for you to do new things. 

Your ego knows that you want to do away with it: it wants to survive. And use the resistance against you.

Resistance is like gravity: the force that keeps you anchored to the world.

So it’s not that you are lazy; it’s that by wanting to evolve, you automatically experience resistance.

Daily rule: Resistance is the force that opposes change. To evolve, you will have to overcome it. But it is a positive thing because in doing so, you will grow. Without it, you wouldn’t. The obstacle is the path. And the path is what makes you better. So walk it.


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