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Rule 4: No Pain, No Gain

“Our trouble is we can’t cope with our suffering or the suffering out there, so we want to make it all go away. We can’t. All we can do is do our best in this crazy insane asylum called planet Earth.”

-Buddhist nun Robina Courtin.

We don’t pursue most of our dreams because we don’t want to face reality.

Facing reality involves effort and facing rejection. All that discomfort, all the criticism, and setbacks hold us back.

We don’t want our dreams to hurt.

But pain is part of this world, whether we want it or not.

Every dream passes from the intellectual plane to the physical plane through action.

And as we have seen in Rule number 3, every time we want to act to evolve or achieve something, we automatically experience the force of resistance.

It is necessary to overcome that force to materialize our desire.

Overcoming resistance is part of the creative process: it is like childbirth, and all childbirth hurts.

As Robina Courtin says, you cannot escape pain on this planet; instead, deal with it and do the work.

Daily rule: everything has a cost in time, dedication, effort, and energy. Do not run away from the difficult path; the easy way does not lead to happiness but to defeat. Embrace the pain and strive, and you will achieve what you set out to do.


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