Rule 1: Knowledge is Not Enough

Knowledge and courage alternate greatness. Advice and
strength, eyes and hands; without courage, wisdom is sterile.

—Baltasar Gracián.

Knowledge must be implemented, or it does not work.

It is useless to read a self-help book if you don’t apply the principles you find in it.

It would be like reading a diet and not doing it.

Knowledge and action are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist separately.

Albert Einstein said. “If you don’t know how to explain it to a six-year-old, it means you don’t know it.”

He forgot to say that to do it; you had to have PRACTICAL knowledge, not just theoretical knowledge.

You can only master a discipline through deliberate practice, and that is when the knowledge becomes a valuable substance worth passing on to others.

Can you imagine a karate master who teaches kata to his students but has never broken a wooden board with one blow?

Every teacher needs the practice to be able to communicate theory. And in the same way, every student needs to practice the idea to internalize the knowledge.

Daily rule: Put into practice everything you learn theoretically, or you will be wasting your time.


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  1. […] Daily rule: remember that the longer you take to get things done, the harder it is to get things done. Hesitating, making excuses, and refuting your objections drain your energy. Write down what you want to do in advance in a planner and when the day arrives, accomplish each task and then cross it out with a green marker. Check the schedule every time you feel unmotivated to get the necessary certainty of all the times you did accomplish the goal and overcame laziness. Do it, remember Rule 1. […]

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