Rule 11: Nothing Is What It Seems.

“Nature hides. It does not reveal. All this luminous and dark universe whose sum of energies we call nature is a mask, a dress, a dream. Nature is not Isis but the veil of Isis.”

—Fernando Pessoa.

The Egyptian goddess Isis was so powerful that, according to Egyptian mythology, she resurrected her husband and protected her son from the murderer of his father, the god Set.

When Isis died, a statue was placed on top of her tomb with her face covered by a black veil. At the base of the figure, an inscription read,

“I am all that was, all that is, and all that will be
and my veil has never been drawn by any mortal.”

According to legend, behind this veil are hidden secrets hidden that the human heart longs to decipher.

That is why the great writer Fernando Pessoa compares nature to the veil of Isis. Because it is that which separates us from every truth we wish to discover.

And it is that appearances are deceiving. Nothing is what it seems. The world you live in is a veil behind which the truth is hidden.

A smile can hide a tear.
A hug can hide a betrayal.
A “good morning” can hide a “fuck you.”

Nothing is what it seems. Nature is the veil of Isis. Your reality is the veil of Isis. Only when you learn to remove the veil will you discover the truth.

Daily rule: Don’t trust appearances. Appearances are not the truth: they are what conceals the truth. Take action and go for the truth; your truth.


2 responses to “Rule 11: Nothing Is What It Seems.”

  1. Now I am wondering if that French man in my workplace actually says Fuck You to me instead of his usually good morning… Hmm… Damn. But, I am going to think good of him.

    1. Hahaha in Spain we have a saying “piensa mal y acertaras” ( think wrong and you will be right) and another one that says “cuando el rio suena agua lleva” (when the river sounds it carries water) so if you mentioned that guy, be careful hahaha. Thank you very much for reading the article, a hug.

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