Rule 12: Don’t Let Your Winters Fuck Up Your Springtime

Alberto García.

“The Ice man was as lonely as an iceberg in the dark night.”

—Haruky Murakami.

Life cools your heart as the years go by. The losses, the goodbyes, the disappointments. The cold does not heal the wounds, but it anesthetizes the pain.

When you grow up, you learn to detach yourself from things, dreams, and people. You learn to become desensitized. You become cold because cold isolates and protects you. But you miss the summers.

You miss the hugs, the shocks, the longings.

“Longing” is a curious word. It comes from the English “Langian,” which means to grow a lot. And from the German “Langen,” which means to reach or extend.

And it’s a shame to lose those longings.

Because deep down, they are the desire to grow, as the origin of the word indicates, because the salt of life is longing, is desire.

Desires that are fulfilled, desires that are expected, desires that are achieved, desires that never come, desires that keep us alive.

Daily rule: Melt a little of that snow that covers your heart and allow spring to bloom in you. Yes, I know. They will hurt you. You will lose your ice shield. But you’ll feel alive again.


2 responses to “Rule 12: Don’t Let Your Winters Fuck Up Your Springtime”

  1. I was feeling blues last two days, and I hummed the song “Do you want to build a snowman…” from the movie Frozen. Deja vu. Here you drew a snowman. That made me smile. I love Olaf. Thank you, Alberto.

  2. Thanks to you always for sharing your thoughts with me. A big hug.

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