Rule 15: Do it as if you were doing a favor for a loved one

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When we do favors for others, we work harder than when we do things for ourselves.

Maybe it’s because of what people will say. Because of our desire to look good. Comedian Kevin Hart often says, “Acceptance is as addictive as crack.” And he’s right.

We want to look good to others, to feel accepted, and that’s why we always give 101% when asked for a favor.

If it’s cleaning a house to make a move, we clean it better than we clean our own.

If it’s helping a colleague get ahead, we meet with them and start brainstorming. And when we come up with something that might be worthwhile, we get right to it. But we’re lazy when it comes to getting our life in order.

I want you to put the same interest and desire into your dreams. Because if you do, you’ll achieve your most amazing dreams in half the time.

Daily rule: go to the bathroom mirror and look yourself in the eye. Think that the person you see reflected is not you but your best friend. That friend asks you for a favor (say out loud what you want to achieve). Are you going to help? If the answer is yes, act massively and decisively as you would do to help your best friend or even a loved one.


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  1. Andreina E. Díaz Avatar
    Andreina E. Díaz

    Lindo para reflexionar y viéndolo de fondo puede ser muy cierto.

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