Rule 16: Recover your well-being; recover your present

Stop running away. Stop chasing. Both are dead ends.

When we run, we fear. When we chase, we yearn. But, in both cases, we live dissatisfied with our circumstances.

When you flee, you are not in harmony because you fear.
When you seek, you are not in harmony because you feel incomplete.

Try sitting down, slowing down your day. Try breathing deeply. Try to free yourself from responsibilities and anxieties, even for a little while. It will do you good.

Breathe calmly, and think that the air you breathe through your nose is the present that becomes the past when you exhale. And yet you remain.

Practice that gentle abiding but don’t become a rock. The current wears away the stone. Become a leaf and flow with the river of life into the sea.

Lesson: abandon your fears and expectations, and free your ego to merge with the whole. And life will return to its course. Recover your well-being; recover your present.

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