Your enemies are also your teachers

It is not wrong to change. We all need to progress. What is wrong is to want to change at the cost of changing others.

Because 1) it’s unfair to others, and 2) it won’t do you any good.

Think about it, what’s the point of changing everyone around you to make yourself feel good if, at any moment, someone new enters your life?

What are you going to do? Ask the more than 8 billion people worldwide to adapt to you.

Wouldn’t it be better to change yourself?

Change if you want to improve, but find a way that does not involve changing others.

Imposing your will is a mistake.

It is much better to shape your will through patience and compassion toward others.

Remember that we have to adapt to others and not the other way around.

Because in doing so, we achieve emotional stability and become independent. And our happiness no longer depends on what people say.

If you smile every time they get angry with you, respond well to those who speak ill of you, and give your best even to those who don’t even thank you, you will change.

And that change will not be cosmetic. It will be internal. It will be profound. It will be honest. You will become someone everyone wants to be around.

But to do that, you first have to face adversity without cheating.

The rude ones will teach you to be kind.
The ungrateful will teach you gratitude.
The greedy, to be generous.
The proud will teach you humility.

You have to be attentive to the lessons. Remember that the stone is not just part of the path but the way – including your enemies, who will be your teachers.

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