A restless boy went on a school visit to a Shaolin monastery.

When he arrived, he approached an old monk who caught his eye because he had many tattoos on his arms.

As the monks of that temple were famous for telling stories, the boy asked him to say to him a fable, and the monk told him this one…

“Once upon a time, a bloodthirsty warrior never took prisoners. But once, after conquering a village, he burned everything except the monastery of some peaceful monks.

His accomplices insisted on attacking the monastery.

And the Warrior chief refused, saying: “Never mess with those who have renounced violence and live in search of peace. For that peace allows them to keep the demons within them at bay. And believe me; you don’t want to see the demons that live in the hearts of these monks in action”.

Unfortunately, the henchmen did not listen to their leader and perished trying to storm the monastery”.

When the boy had finished listening to the story, he asked the monk what had become of the Warrior Chief. And the old monk said…

“Now he tells stories to the curious youngsters who visit his monastery.”

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