Love as merchandise.

We have turned everything into merchandise: kisses, hugs, caresses, and even attention.

Everything seeks a return.

Life is today more than ever an emergency, a place where time is of the essence, and those who do not meet the (increasingly higher) standards must be discarded.

Emotional recycling is the order of the day: if you don’t produce, to the garbage can; if you do not meet expectations, to the garbage can; if you don’t make ends meet, to the garbage can; if your useful life is over, to the garbage can.

The current sentimental education is based on rejecting the toxic, labeling anyone who does not help us fulfill aspirational interests as defective material. — A touched apple that must be excluded so that the rest of the basket does not rot.

The curious thing is that the blows from that apple were given at home. Because, typically, they hurt you, and then they push you away. Be part of this new reality of “save yourself who can.”

And this throws us increasingly into the jaws of a new predator: loneliness.

Loneliness seduces us first to devour us later.

It’s like a boa constrictor that surrounds you with its body and ends up swallowing you without even chewing you.

More and more people live in front of their screens, locked in their rooms; more and more people avoid social contact; more and more people isolate themselves voluntarily to avoid relational pain.

And this turns us to glass, and then any little comment offends us.

And it is that the annulment of the “we” if there is no “I” that benefits is the order of the day.

That’s why people don’t trust it.

That’s why people don’t open up.

That is why the parks are empty, and the screens do not stop blinking in the rooms.

And it’s a shame 🙂

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