How to know if someone is Worth Waiting for

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Some people are worth waiting for, and some do not deserve to waste your time.

Usually, the first ones are struggling to get there, even if they are not there. The second ones, even if they are there, have their interests elsewhere.

Good People

Good People usually end up living, sooner or later, with someone who does not respect and value them.

It is hard to notice; it takes time, and often, even if they mistreat you, you swallow, you keep all that in a bag that seems to be bottomless, and it is also elastic, and everything fits in it.

The Ugly Truth

As time goes by, we expand our limits and tolerate things that in our whole life we never imagined accept,

These people can generate some slack in the relationship with continuous emotional blows.

There are you: checking the phone to see if you’ve left it without sound, looking to see if the screen is glowing, restarting it just in case it’s not getting good reception.

You can’t wait to see the notification icon, but it never arrives. You update the notifications by swiping your finger, but it still doesn’t come.

You never get their messages when you need them, but only when the other person is interested.

And I say interested because, in the end, every time that person arrives, you go from excitement to disappointment in the time they take to receive from you what they came looking for.

You fall into their trap again and again.

You wonder why you wait for him to call you, why he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, why he doesn’t value you as you do.

And in the end, you are left empty, you feel anguish, you wonder why everything has to be so complicated when it should be simple, and you think that someday they will change, that they will realize that you are the option, because you, unlike the others, want their welfare and are willing to fight for his happiness, but it is not like that.

Deep down, you know it.

You run to answer their messages. But they leave you blank and invent an excuse if it rains a reproach.

Let’s face it: they have you in their palm and know how to turn everything around so that in the end, you end up doing what they ask you to do, and if you don´t, you feel guilty.

It is like you always are the selfish one.

No matter how strong or intelligent you are. That person knows all your weak points. He uses them, as Paris used them with Achilles, to guarantee his victory because that’s what it’s about: winners and losers, and it should not be about that because, in love, there is no need to compete. In love, you must choose someone who desires you daily, even if he could be happy without you.

Do you know?

Those who use you have you as a spare part as a replacement. You are the plan B of their plan A, and it is unfair because you prioritize it above everything and everyone, and they put you on the bench, waiting for them to choose you when you are supposed to have already chosen.

And you don’t know why, but you swallow and live waiting for that person.

You feel like a product affected by the law of supply and demand. And you know you are so available for them that you conclude that they don’t give you a chance because you are low cost, because, for that person who has you when they want you, you are always on offer, with a reduced price, always available for use and abuse.

The worst of all

Worst of all, everything repeated becomes a habit and generates dependence.

You start living with drama and anguish. And you end up being dominated by the victim who lives in us all.

You live the same situation repeatedly in a loop as if your life were a broken record that keeps repeating itself, no longer turns, and gets stuck.

And the questions dig into you like nails on the cross.

Why doesn’t he call me?

Why doesn’t he write me?

Why do they never have time for me?

Why is it that even if I am the one who does him a favor, I end up feeling indebted?

Why does he talk to me badly?

Why doesn’t he ever thank me?




The questions stab you, and no matter how much you bleed, you are still hanging on the damn phone, waiting for a gesture, an affection, whatever it takes not to lose what is already lost.

The worst is to have to beg for love. To try to retain someone just passing through because they are unsatisfied, a non-conformist person who always believes they deserve much more than what they give.

Let me tell you something.

A love like yours will not enjoy it again. And the wound will heal.

You have to relate to others -even if that person is constantly criticizing your friends- he does it to isolate you and manipulate you so that no one will have your eyes on you.

You do not lose anything. You are special.

And although you may not believe it now, higher towers have fallen, and when they fall… they will look for you.

They will return

They’ll come back, and if they see you happy, they’ll blame you and try to make you feel guilty for their sadness. And they will use the whole arsenal, from paying attention to you to telling you everything you were dying to hear before…

I love you so much.

I didn’t have to lose you.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

But don’t fall for it, and don’t trust their false promises again; it wouldn’t be the first time that when he saw you happy, he wanted to come back and end up leaving you again.

Let that relationship die: stop watering the weeds.


If this happens, remember that they left, closing the door, without looking back, without thinking about everything they left behind. If you cried or what could happen to you, they hurt you and left you to bleed.

And now you have to respect yourself.

It’s over: no more debts, no more dependencies, no more crying, no more sense of loss.

Life is much more than a relationship with someone who takes advantage of you and then does not want to stay.

Final thought

Do not look for that person. Let them go, and they will be the ones who will look for you in other people.

Choose yourself, for once choose yourself, understand that you deserve much more than what you have received and have to change it; start just for that, for choosing yourself, for rejecting people who are not clear, for protecting you, for taking care of you.

The people who come into your life must make you happy, even if there are bad days; the difference must always be positive because if it is not, you are not living in a sum but a subtraction.

Do not cling to what hurts you. To what makes you dependent on, to what destroys you.

Take the step and move forward; Do not wait any longer and walk towards another place where you are yourself, and whoever accompanies you recognizes you and likes your company.

And finally, let me tell you something: when you make the decision and advance, great successes will be waiting for you because the ballast that holds you back, that blocks you, that weighs you down, you will have already released it, but keep in mind that your success will bother, it will bother, those who do not want you to change because they are afraid of losing your favor if you progress.

Don’t let that stop you either. You deserve your life to go in one direction, from now on, upwards.

A virtual hug


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