The importance of giving priority to what is important

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The old lion was lying under an acacia tree when the young lion approached him,

“They say you are the best hunter in the savannah. I want to learn from you.”

The old lion said nothing and continued to rest under the tree.

The young lion went out hunting to prove his potential and soon returned with a rodent in his teeth.

The old lion didn’t even flinch.

The young lion went out again in search of another prey, and this time, he showed him a little bird he had caught near the river.

And so the morning continued, with the young lion hunting small prey and piling them up next to the old lion to prove his worth.

Until a “huge” noise was heard. It was a herd of buffalo.

Then, the old lion stood up and charged like lightning toward the buffalo.

The young lion was so exhausted from chasing small prey that he could not follow.

After a while, the old lion returned, dragging a huge buffalo, and enjoyed his feast under the tree.

Moral of the story

It is crucial to follow the primary objectives rather than the secondary ones.

Because secondary goals take time and energy, and when the opportunity presents itself, we fail to seize the moment.

We all have a period of increased energy throughout the day.

You have to match your most important tasks in that time slot.

If you do the most important things during that period when you are most efficient and productive, both the quality of your work and your productivity will increase.

And if you do the same thing day after day, in the end, the compound effect will work its magic and take you places you never imagined you would go.

On the other hand, you have to understand that being busy is not being productive.

You will be like the young lion if you fill your life with secondary goals and other responsibilities.

And when a big opportunity comes, you will need more strength to fight for it.

Learn to focus. To set priorities and put everything else out of your sight; those secondary goals keep you from your true path.

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