21 Naked Truths About Life That Will Blow Your Mind and (If You Apply Them) Make You a More Successful Person.

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I don’t care what people think or say about me, I know who I am. — Jonathan Davis.

I have been a professional loser all my life (even when I was winning).

I was a loser because I hadn’t discovered the secret of peace of mind: insulate yourself from the judgments of others about your actions.

When you discover that the opinion of others about your actions does you more harm than good, your life improves because you take a massive weight off your shoulders.

And I don’t mean that you don’t care about criticism. I also mean the flattery, the pats on the back, the applause, even the “Hey man, you did great, you’re a champion.”

Flattery is more dangerous than criticism.

Praise is more addictive than cocaine, especially if you get it from the right person. Because when you get used to them and then you don’t receive them, you don’t feel valued, and you spend the day demanding attention like a drug addict looking for his dose.

And that turns the person who judges you (right or wrong) into an emotional drug dealer. And that gives them a lot of power over you.

So now, I do what I think is right, and I don’t care if they thank me or tell me I did good, wrong, or fair. So when you detach yourself from other people’s opinions about the things you do, you regain control of your life.

If you do something for your mother and she doesn’t thank you, great! You did it because it was born inside you, not so she could tell you what a good son you are.

Everyone is responsible for their actions (And every act brings its consequences).

This thought is one of the most powerful I’ve had in the 40 years I’ve been alive, but I have others that I learned from poets, philosophers, gurus, writers, even thieves, that I learned along the way, and I want to share them with you in this article.

I have created a list of the 21 most disruptive thoughts that changed my life, and I hope they will be helpful for you too.

Let’s start

  1. To live better, you have to be better.
  2. Life is not in tomorrow, nor yesterday; it only exists now.
  3. The ego is the past. That is why we need recognition: to remember our achievements.
  4. You belong to life and not the other way around, that is why it constantly changes your plans.
  5. Reactions are mechanical and compulsive responses. That’s why you argue every time you are irritated.
  6. Take distance, and things will affect you less, and people will respect you more.
  7. The goal is not a place; the goal in life is to reach yourself.
  8. Please don’t allow others to demand too much of you because the demanding ones never give what they require when it comes down to it.
  9. When you are not a master of yourself, you get sick.
  10. To follow someone else’s dreams is another form of laziness.
  11. The universe is like a father: it punishes you, it rewards you, it helps you, it scolds you, but it does not judge you.
  12. To love is to heal.
  13. When you live in fullness, aligned with your purpose, you focus so much that you reach an altered state of consciousness where everything around you is different, more intense, has more color.
  14. Pain feeds fear. And therefore, fear looks for what hurts us.
  15. Everyone must take responsibility for themselves, especially when living as a couple. Otherwise, it is not love. It is dependence.
  16. Loneliness is a sea wave that comes and goes over time. Do not be afraid because the wave wears away the rock until it becomes a beach.
  17. Please don’t force things or goals. It has to come naturally and not forced, and if something is not that simple, it is not worth the effort.
  18. If the meaning of life is to look for yourself, the rest are distractions. So when something unrelated to you worries you too much, forget it(no distraction is as vital as you think it is).
  19. There is only one place you can be: inside yourself. That’s why no matter how far you travel, your problems always go with you.
  20. When you grow up in a humble environment where you never have anything to spare, you are fortunate because when life moves forward, you value everything.
  21. It’s not having. It’s being. It does not have a Ferrari is to be a good driver. It is not to have a mansion is to be the pillar of your house. It is not to have a partner is to be a good partner. It is not to have good friends is to be a good person. It is not to have a million dollars is to be a millionaire, and “that,” although it seems contradictory, is not achieved with money but being the person you became to achieve it.

They say that the soul weighs 21 grams, and I hope I have filled the scales a little more with these thoughts that I hope will help you lead a more awake and happy life.

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