Three Unimaginable Life Lessons That Took Me 40 Years to Learn

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You’ll never go to bed without knowing one more thing (or so the saying goes).

If that’s true, I learned 14. 685 items in all my life.

Because 14. 685 is the number of days I have lived until today. I have checked it on an internet calculator 🙂


That was my first thought. Then I reflected on the past, the people I met, the experiences I have had, the countries I have visited, and everything else.

And guess what?

I have learned many incredible lessons from others, my experience, and the countries I have visited. But three lessons came to my mind in the first place.

My subconscious thinks they are the most important.

These lessons have allowed me to arrive here happier and with lighter negative burdens. That’s why I want to share these three lessons with you. So that you can reflect on them and, if you haven’t already done so, implement them in your life so that it doesn’t take you 14k days to find peace of mind (which is what it has taken me more or less).

Let’s dive in

1. Life is for doers, not for chatterboxes.

“In your actions, don’t procrastinate. In your conversations, don’t confuse. In your thoughts, don’t wander. Don’t be passive or aggressive in your soul.” — Marcus Aurelius.

The power of action is the ultimate power.

You can have the Idea and the resources, but if you don’t move, the opportunity window will close in front of your face.

That’s the hard truth.

People spend the day discussing fantastic ideas but doing nothing to make them real.

Do you know where there is the most significant number of brilliant ideas globally?

No. It’s not in Silicon Valley. It’s the graveyard.

The cemetery is full of people who ran out of time and did nothing.

Who knows what medical and scientific breakthroughs are resting in the ground?

Doers have learned that time is the most valuable resource. That’s why entrepreneurs are always looking for productivity hacks on the internet.

But this lesson is not just for aspiring CEOs. It’s for you, too.

Getting things done makes you happy. Reread it.

This hack took me out of a couple of depressions along the way.

You feel less pain if you keep your mind focused on doing things.

Try to keep your house clean.

Try to fix something: a door, a window, a light. Your father was not addicted to bricolage; he practiced mindfulness in the garage.

He knew the truth: doing things keeps the mind busy. And that makes the darkest day better.

2. Choose your hard and suffer less.

“Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.

Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard.

Being in debt is hard. Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard.

Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.” — Unknown.

We all spend a lot of time doubting and tormenting ourselves with the possible negative consequences of our actions without realizing that we would have no doubts if we were in the right place.

The hard truth is that we don’t want to change anything because we love our comfort zone, even if it sucks.

I know the last pretty well,

  • I have been in two relationships of seven years each that had to end much earlier in my life.
  • I have spent 15 years in jobs I hated.
  • I have put up with opportunistic friendships.
  • I have kept up appearances and done what was always expected of me for fear of what people would say.

In short, I have been a coward, and you know what I was afraid of? Change and the word no.

To change because we instinctively think that the bad things we know are better than the good things we don’t know.

And to the word no, because deep down, we all want others to like us, and we know that when we say no to someone, there is a good chance that they will stop liking us.

But it is precisely those people who do not understand us and do not respect the space that we must stay away from. So, choose your instinct and do what you know you have to do because the usefulness of pain (mental or physical) is to warn you that something is wrong.

3. Being grateful is the first step.

“If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.” — Robert Quillen.

People always ask me, “How can I be happy if it’s not born in me?”

And I always tell them to be grateful.

People look at me with funny faces as if I said something stupid, but I told them the ultimate truth.

Positivism is born from gratitude.

You don’t know why you should feel happy if you are not grateful.

Does it make sense?

The good thing about gratitude is that it has nothing to do with forcing happiness but being objective with the gifts you have been given.

Let me share an old fable with you.

God came down to earth disguised as a beggar to make himself a pair of shoes. He visited an old cobbler and said, “I have no money but broken sandals. Can you help me?”

The cobbler said, “I am tired of everyone coming to ask and no one to give.”

I can give you what you need,” said the Lord.

The suspicious cobbler looked at the beggar and asked, “Can you give me the million dollars I need to be happy?

The Lord said, “I can give you ten times more than that but in exchange for something.

In exchange for what? — asked the cobbler.

– In exchange for your legs.

The cobbler replied, — Why do I want money if I’m not able to walk?

Then the Lord said, Well, I can give you 100 million dollars in exchange for your eyes.

The cobbler replied, — Why do I want money if I’m not seeing my wife, children, or friends?

Then the Lord said to him, — Poor man, what a fortune you have, and you don’t realize it.

Don’t be like the cobbler; every morning when you wake up, write down three things for which you are grateful. First, you will have filled a notebook with gratitude when a year has passed. And that may not be money, but it makes you realize you are richer than ever imagined.

All you have to do is stop living in automatic mode.

Please do it. It works.

You can’t eat vegetables and not lose weight.

You can’t be grateful and not awaken the positive attitude in you.

A virtual hug


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