3 Dumb Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want to Make Your Life Great Again.

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We all make mistakes. But not all the mistakes we make are “obvious.”

As Elon Musk would say, “Possibly the most common mistake of a smart engineer is to optimize a thing that should not exist.”Are you doing the same?

Are you trying to optimize habits that should disappear?

You may think not, but if it happens to the world’s brightest engineers who make rockets and Tesla vehicles, can’t it happen to you, too?

We overlook daily things that prevent us from achieving our dreams because we don’t realize they are the most common mistakes.

Here are what I consider to be the top 3. Please read carefully, implement the information, and make your life great again.

Stop being passive

You can’t go through life waiting.

  • The perfect partner to come along.
  • The perfect job.
  • The perfect opportunity.

You can’t because life is like the game of chairs, you know, the one, I mean, the one you played as a kid. Remember that?

The adults would form a circle with chairs and play music, and the kids would go around the circle of chairs. And when the music stopped, they had to sit down. The game jokes that in each round, there was one less chair.

If you don’t play it in your country, this video shows how cruel it is.

Life is the same. And if you are passive, you will be the child without a chair. Without,

  • A Partner.
  • A good job.
  • Friends.

It’s hard but true, and someone has to tell you.

You have to start being more active and, instead of talking, take action because that’s the only way to make things happen.

Stop burdening yourself with responsibilities.

The word yoga derives from “Yuj,” which means union. Yoga works on the association of body, mind, and soul. And for this, it uses postures that stretch your body, that is to say, that create space.

Do the same with your life: create space for yourself.

I know you work a lot. And that your life is not easy, but stop fooling yourself.

Let’s speak clearly,

Do you think you will achieve that dream you have if you don’t have the strength to do anything else but watch TV every day after work?

No, you won’t.

And when the years go by, and one day you look at yourself in the mirror, you will say to yourself.

“Welcome, sadness, my old friend.”

And all for not taking the time to pursue your dreams.

The first step is to stop being passive, and the second is to act. And for that, you need time. And stop making excuses.

When do you take care of yourself?

Because you also need to take care of yourself, it would help to dedicate quality time to yourself.

Use that time to change your life and materialize your dreams.

Stop doubting yourself

Leaders believe, and by thinking, they create.

There are two types of leaders: those who need to believe to see and those who do not.

There is nothing wrong with being one of the former. If you are one of the first, your job is to find certainties and increase your faith.

Find something that is certain.

Focus on that. And every day, remind yourself of your certainty.

It’s the same with dreams and goals.

If you are a leader of the first type of those who need to see to believe, start with small things. Go for a walk, and celebrate having put on your running shoes. The next day, run three minutes and celebrate, too, when you realize you will have run the New York Marathon if you persevere.

The same happens with economic, emotional, or vital objectives. Start looking for small certainties and accumulate them until you develop a strong faith. For example, start by eliminating unnecessary expenses, then try to save a fixed amount every month, and in a few years, learn to invest.

If you are the second type of leader, let me tell you something. You are a born leader. You don’t need to see to believe. And that’s fine because you are a visionary. The problem these leaders have is what people will say.

You see it clearly, but your environment does not, and they treat you as crazy. But don’t be influenced because the world need more people like you.

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