11 Signs That You Are Spiritually Awake According to Wayne Dyer

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“You take the blue pill; the story ends; you wake up in bed and believe whatever you want. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” — Morpheus (Matrix)

Have you been feeling different for a while now?

Have you stopped enjoying the mundane things you used to love?

Do you no longer feel like arguing with everyone over everything?

What is happening to you is not bad; on the contrary. You may have awakened spiritually.

There comes the point in life when you discover that you are much more than what you thought you were: much more than your body and physical senses. But how do you know 100% if your spiritual awakening has arrived?

Let me help you with this list of 11 signs of spiritual awakening I compiled by reading Wayne Dyer’s work. If you see yourself reflected in most of the points, that spiritual awakening has arrived in your life.

Let’s get started.

1. You see things differently.

You begin to see the flaws in the matrix.

You realize the failures of human beings: people’s failures and your own. You see how people hide behind their routines and self-deceived daily under social conventions to avoid seeing reality.

You see how to restrict people are given because of their beliefs.

You discover that many outdated norms lead you nowhere.

Don’t worry, as Wayne Dyer says, “When you begin to see beyond where others see, you begin to behold miracles.”

2. You stop giving importance to being right.

You no longer need to validate your ego by proving how intelligent you are at the drop of a hat.

Nor do you judge people who make mistakes. You realize that you’ve been there yourself.

You understand that life is like a ladder that leads to the truth, and there are people on the first rung and others who are a couple of rungs above you. So that’s why you don’t judge.

Everyone has a path, and as Buddha said, “When you find the truth, veil it so that whoever comes after you can discover it for himself.”

3. You have born in you a love for all things.

When you awaken spiritually, you become aware of your past mistakes.

You discover that you did not behave well with people many times and that you were selfish. And now that you are conscious, you try to act better.

This attitude is not limited to people; you become more sensitive and develop unconditional love towards animals and plants.

You discover that we are all part of the same living organism called Earth.

4. You are detached from the opinions of others and also from people.

You are no longer affected by what people think of you because your ego does not dominate you.

You prefer to go away to discuss; you do not get attached to people; you leave the door of your life open so that whoever wants to come and go, but you reserve the right of admission.

Now, you seek to surround yourself with experiences and people who make you grow and with whom you feel good, so you no longer put up with the company of people who criticize you.

The phrase “it’s a compromise” no longer makes sense. You don’t see yourself in the compromise of sharing your time with people you don’t feel like being with.

5. Stop defining yourself by your labels.

You are not your work, not even your profession.

You are not your social role: father, mother, son, friend, husband, wife, you name it.

You are much more than a label, and you know it. You can’t be defined with a word. You are more complex than that.

6. Your perspective on problems has changed.

A path without stones is not a path but a highway.

And that’s not natural. So you have to face some stones along the way. That’s how life teaches you and makes you better.

Now, you see problems from a different perspective.

For you, the problems are:

  • Windows of opportunity.
  • Chances to achieve a better tomorrow.
  • Gates to a new future.

7. Your mental clarity increases

“The only way to know that you were sleeping is to wake up.” — Wayne Dyer.

You start understanding things that you never understood.

The best example is the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When you read it the first time, you only see a tale, but when you awaken and read it, you understand what the rouse and the fox are.

The point is that when you awaken spiritually, you can decrypt the hidden messages in books and things.

And it’s mind-blowing.

8. Your mind is open to new knowledge.

You are no longer ashamed to read articles like this one. Or go to the bookstore and buy Deepak Chopra or Carlos Castaneda books.

You have become a seeker. And you have learned not to judge something before you try it.

Your mind is more permeable to new ideas and concepts.

And far from feeling childish, you love living this new stage of spiritual adventure.

You know there is much to learn, and that fills your soul with desire and energy.

9. You realize that we are all one.

You understand why Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping others. Or why, after 27 years of captivity, Nelson Mandela came out of prison without hatred for whites.

You discover why many victims feel compassion for the executioners.

You discover that you are me, and I am you. Reread it.

10. You stop being conventional.

  • You don’t care if your clothes are brand name or not.
  • You get lazy thinking about going out drinking on the weekend.
  • You are repulsed by pretending to be who you are not.
  • You discover pleasure in the little things: walking, having tea, and silence.

11. Your priorities change

You understand that money is essential but don’t want to accumulate more than you need.

You discover that life is about living experiences, sharing your gifts, learning from others, and teaching others what you know.

You finally understand that the word collaborates much better than the word compete.

Are you awake or asleep?

Did you take the red pill, little Neo?

See you on the other side.

A virtual hug


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