Don’t Take Your Happiness for Granted

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It is daytime, and Sara is lying in bed, awake as an owl, her back to the room’s front door.

The door creeps open. She closes her eyes as she hears the annoying creak like rickety hinges.

Luke approaches, bursting into her sanctuary desecrating Sara’s solitude.

She is oblivious, pretending to be asleep.

Luke walks towards her and looks at her like someone looking at a beautiful house with the blinds down. It looks like a beautiful place to return to after a hard day. But it only seems that way, inside that house, all the furniture is on fire. And he knows it.

She undoes her jacket button and sits on the side of the bed.

-I know you’re not asleep,” Lucas whispers, his voice cracking.

Sara is a sphinx and says nothing. She is willing to die with the lie.

He looks at her over his shoulder and sighs tiredly. Still, he tries one last time.

-We can go out for breakfast, just you and me.

She still doesn’t answer. So far away and yet so close. Her heart is still attached to him, but they both know they live in different worlds, millions of light years away.

Luke gives up, kisses Sandra’s cheek, strokes her hair, and walks out the door.

Sara continues with her eyes closed as if by doing so, she can avoid responsibility for her own life or at least call time-out and postpone it. But she can’t.

He knows it.

Her behavior is childish. But she doesn’t care. She wants to stay under the sheets: entrenched.

“We are only children playing at being adults,” she thinks bitterly, remembering that today is her fortieth birthday. Lucas has not congratulated her, nor has he given her anything as a present.

The routine ended up swallowing the passion, the illusion, and now they are just roommates. However, they pretend to remain a couple in love.

There is no moral. A little advice, “Don’t take your partner for granted. Make him or her choose you every day. If not, one day, you’ll look, and he/she won’t be at your bedside ๐Ÿ™‚

A virtual hug.


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