Five Things Truly Confident People Do

Photo by Andrew Wise on Unsplash

Why do we find confident people so engaging?

Because they have faith in themselves, and that makes all the difference.

But they have other characteristics that make them extraordinary.

Here are five that you can steal and apply in your life

They allow themselves to fail.

Confident = Certain; and Certain = Experience.

If you don’t fail A LOT, you never get the experience you need to feel confident.

We used to think that the people who look confident are born with a golden ticket to visit Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory. But even Michael Jordan needed training. And for you to know, “training” is synonymous with “failing.” but also with “getting better” and “certain.”

Usain Bolt did not break the world record at the World Cup final in Berlin in August 2019; he did it much earlier during his training sessions. That is why he was confident that he would win, and that is why he was seen with such confidence in himself.

They listen to their hearts.

It sounds cheesy, but how do you meet your needs if you don’t listen to your feelings? And how are you going to show confidence if you don’t cover your shortcomings?

Imagine you get sick, and you don’t listen to your body. So what do you think will happen? You’ll get worse.

Do you get it?

Confident people need feedback to improve. And that feedback does not always come from the outside but the inside.

They say no. But also, hell yes!

There is much motivational bullshit that mistifies the word no 
as if it were the holy grail of personal growth. And it is not.

First of all, people with genuine confidence don’t give a damn about saying no when needed. But that’s self-help 101 advice. They know that they have to face social interactions to grow as human beings.

So, If you live in the Batcave, and you don’t let anyone get closer than 1 mile just in case, you lose 0.0000000001% of productivity, it’s time to recognize that you have a problem.

Realizing you’re not Bruce Wayne is the first step, and stopping dressing up as Batman so people won’t recognize you and try to socialize with you is maybe the next.

They take care of their beliefs.

“We are all products of our thoughts. We are what we think we are. Even if we start poor, we have to visualize. We have to see ourselves as that successful person before we become successful, and then we become successful. We are all our f*cking thoughts.” — Mike Tyson.

Confident people don’t need to watch The Secret to realize the power of the mind. They don’t avoid negativity; instead, they process the bad thoughts and take advantage of all the shit they’ve been through.

They turn the tables and see themselves as survivors of their circumstances, not victims. They know that your beliefs create your reality. And so should you.

In the words of Joe Dispenza, “Thoughts are the electrical charge on the quantum field. And feelings produce a magnetic charge in the quantum field. And how you think and how you feel broadcasts electromagnetic energy that influences every atom in your life, the thoughts send a signal out, and the feelings draw the experience back to you.”

So if you want to have more confidence in yourself, you have to have thoughts that empower you, not depress you, and feel full of resources. And in this way, you will generate a vibrational match between how you think and feel and the reality surrounding you.

They may be charming, but they never suck up to you.

If people are not listening to you, stop talking to them. — Jordan Petterson.

Confident people are well interacting in a social environment. They are charming but never condescending. They have nothing to prove. And they don’t waste their time with people who don’t want to listen to them.

People like this are evident that giving pearls to pigs devalues the value of their words. And they only invest their time in people who show genuine interest in their advice.

Confident people don’t need to be admired by others.

What drives them is something else.

In the words of JayZ,

“The goal’s not to be successful and famous. That’s not the goal. The goal is if you have a specific God-given ability, it’s to live your life through that.”

Final thoughts.

Self-confident people have the same problems as others, but they face them with a different attitude. They feel fear, but they do not allow fear to paralyze them. And that’s why they transmit confidence because they are always active 😉

Let’s get moving.

A virtual hug


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