100 Ways to Be Happy in an Hour When You Are Sad

#37 — Listen to AC/DC at total volume.

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Have you ever felt sad for no reason?

It happened to me a couple of days ago, I went for a walk, and it passed. That gave me an idea, “Just like me taking a walk can improve my mood, maybe other people have little tricks to get a smile back in no time.”

I asked on Twitter, and the tweet goes for 29,127 impressions (views), and I have had 264 replies to the thread from all those people.

I have compiled a list with the most repeated and the most curious ones, so you can save it and have it at your disposal every time you are sad.

Let’s start.

100 Ways to Be Happy in an Hour

  1. Go out and walk fast.
  2. Learn something new.
  3. Ride a bike through a natural space like a river.
  4. Buy plane tickets and improvise a getaway.
  5. Drive with the music blaring.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Singing.
  8. Remind yourself how much you lose by being angry or sad.
  9. Eat ice cream.
  10. Eat chocolate.
  11. Fake a smile for a couple of minutes and walk upright.
  12. Watch a good movie.
  13. Talk on the phone with a friend.
  14. Meditate and try not to think for a while.
  15. Confess your problems to get them out of your mind; let them listen to you attentively.
  16. Drink coffee and listen to the music of your youth.
  17. Get together with someone you miss.
  18. Think about all the good things you have.
  19. Look at the sky and look for resemblances to the clouds.
  20. Read good books.
  21. Spend time with your pet: dog, cat, etc.
  22. Eat cakes.
  23. Water plants.
  24. Watch standup comedy on YouTube or Netflix.
  25. Paint.
  26. Take pictures.
  27. Exercise.
  28. Tidy up the room.
  29. Praying.
  30. Listen to “Better than today” by Kylie Minogue.
  31. Remember happy childhood moments.
  32. Remember the reasons you are fighting for.
  33. Hug a tree.
  34. Read aloud.
  35. See family.
  36. Comics.
  37. Listen to AC/DC at total volume.
  38. Run while enjoying the scenery.
  39. Help others.
  40. See someone smile.
  41. Hugging.
  42. Go to the beach.
  43. Be quiet for a while so that the mental noise stops.
  44. Take a shower.
  45. Cooking. Make homemade desserts.
  46. Go to a park and watch the birds.
  47. Tidy up the garden and be in contact with plants, stirring the soil.
  48. Do strength exercises at the Gym.
  49. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand.
  50. To look at the distance with the lost look, without thinking anything, preferably feeling the wind in the face.
  51. Watch movies that take you back to your childhood.
  52. Breath in the mountain air.
  53. Watch videos of kittens.
  54. Walk into an empty church.
  55. Talk to an old childhood friend.
  56. Doing Sudoku.
  57. Bring food to kittens on the street.
  58. Have a barbecue with friends.
  59. Writing.
  60. The feeling of accomplishment. Making a repair: changing a faucet, removing a water leak, or repairing a coffee maker. Small victories over chaos.
  61. Make crafts.
  62. Go to a flea market.
  63. Take care of a problem.
  64. Solving brain teasers and mathematical games
  65. Doing hooponopono.
  66. Sticking to a goal.
  67. Swimming.
  68. Get lost in the city where you live, wander the street, and discover new places.
  69. Look at old photos.
  70. Make “noise” with an African drum.
  71. Talk to plants.
  72. Drawing mandalas.
  73. Read good news.
  74. Take deep breaths.
  75. Daydream about future projects.
  76. A massage.
  77. A good tickle session.
  78. Play basket with friends.
  79. Feel that the people around you are happy to see you.
  80. Go shopping.
  81. Master the mind by bringing positive memories that help you to scare away the bad ones.
  82. Keep in mind that everything will pass.
  83. To understand that your happiness depends on nothing and nobody but yourself.
  84. To think that today is a new day, a unique opportunity.
  85. A good breakfast, eat what you like.
  86. Sit quietly and pay attention to the sounds around you.
  87. Look around you and count the beautiful things you find.
  88. A good nap.
  89. Remember that life is a gift to be enjoyed.
  90. Do some general cleaning.
  91. When something affects you, ask yourself, “Does this have the power to sour my day and eclipse my smile?”
  92. Listen to someone else’s life anecdotes.
  93. Skateboarding.
  94. Listen to children’s laughter.
  95. Stare at the stars in silence.
  96. Check that the people you love are doing well.
  97. Change location.
  98. Watch motivational videos.
  99. Share jokes on WhatsApp.
  100. Remember that bad days also come to an end.

These are the little tricks that people use to recover their smiles when sadness haunts them.

These people live in places as different as New York, Berlin, Mexico Df, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Medellin, Montevideo, or Madrid. And yet many of them use the same things to bring a smile back to their faces.

In making the article, I have realized that when people feel bad, they look for activities that cover some of these points.

  • Relax.
  • To release adrenaline.
  • Entertain themselves.
  • Stop thinking.
  • To feel in control.
  • Feel useful.
  • Transport themselves to happy times.
  • Socialize.
  • Get in touch with nature.
  • Stimulate Oxytocin production.
  • Feel valued.

Therefore, my advice is,

  1. Find out what you are looking for when you feel bad.
  2. Do an activity from the list that covers that goal.

I hope something from this list works for you, and if you want to add to the list your method for smiling, leave it written in the comments. It will be a pleasure to read it.

A virtual hug

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