4 Signs Someone Secretly Hates You

Four subtle things people do when they dislike you.

Photo by Heleno Kaizer on Unsplash

How do you know if someone hates you?

It is not easy, and many people know how to disguise their intentions very well.

False friends want to see you fall and make sure they are as close as possible to a) make it happen, B) see it in detail.

You need to be aware of those fake friends. But how?

Here are four sutles signs that someone secretly hates you.

They put buts on everything you do

Even when you win.

These fake friends always have some advice to give; they seem interested in doing well, even motivating you to improve (using their dirty little tips).

But they want you to fail. All the advice they give you has a second or a third intention.

One of those intentions is a classic: to make you bitter about your victories.

Your fake friends will say things like,

“It was good, but you could have achieved more. I’m not saying you didn’t do well. But you can do better. I’m telling you that because I want to see you shine.”


The only glow they want to see in you is that of the flames of hell ending your dreams.

Watch for this sign: excessive feedback.

  • Do you have someone who always has something to say about your life?

If this person is not your mum, you have to take care. Maybe this person secretly hates you.

They always pity and justify you

Even when it’s your fault.

On the other side of the spectrum, a fake friend secretly hates you and doesn’t want you to evolve as a human being. Thus every time you do things wrong, they will always put their hand on your back and comfort you.

But don’t be naive. The only thing they search for is to water your victimhood.


Becouse a victim permanently loses friends, opportunities, relationships, you name it.

No one wants to be next to a person that is always complaining.

No one except your fakes friend that secretly hates you 😉

Watch for this sign: the worse you do, the more they justify you.

  • Do you have someone in your life who, every time you screw up, always tells you that it’s someone else’s fault?

Run away from that person. It’s not loyalty. It’s fake compassion.

They always take the opportunity to speak ill of your best friend

Especially when your best friend screws up.

Fakes friends will tell you things like,

“We all make mistakes, but what he has done to you has no name.”

The switch on the drama mode and make any tiny fault your real friend makes bigger.


Easy to isolate you.

Every predator knows that hunting is easier when an animal is separated from its herd.

Watch for this sign: always talk bad about people you like.

  • Do you have someone who ALWAYS speaks ill about the ones you love?

They will try to make you believe that you are very innocent and that they want to warn you about someone. But they don’t. They want to isolate you so they can destroy you.

They seem to attract strange occurrences

even when it’s all calm.

This is perhaps the most subtle sign of all.

When a person secretly hates you, they actively work to make things worse for you. And one way to make that happen is by inducing paranoia in you.

When I think of this sign, the movie Zodiac always comes to mind.

In the scene where the killer offers to fix the wheel of the woman’s car but loosens it, and when she has to stop, he appears as a civic-minded citizen and mounts her in his car to take her to the nearest gas station. But evidently, he wants to finish her off.

I remember a fake friend who secretly hated me, and every time I was around him, strange things happened to me.

For example, I would disappear some object, and then I would show up at a good friend’s house and argue with the person I appreciated.

If I met a girl, my fake friend would spill her coffee on my shirt.

Once I had a job interview, and I slept over at this fake friend’s house, and the following day my alarm clock — which I had set to go to the interview— didn’t go off. And obviously, I couldn’t do the interview.

These absurd and weird situations usually happen around people who secretly hate you. And since you can’t accuse them of being responsible because they are careful not to be found out, they induce paranoia.

Watch for this sign: many strange things happen.

Do you have someone close to you with whom strange and unfortunate situations happen every time you meet?

Be careful because it’s not bad luck. It could be that the person is sabotaging you.

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