4 Important Life Lessons Your Inner Self Wants You To Remember Now and Ever

Your inner voice wants to tell you some hard truths. And you should start listening to it.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

1. Luck is a state of being

There is a “here and now” for you, and that’s awesome.

Steve Jobs doesn’t have it anymore Kobe Bryant doesn’t have it either 🙁

You are fortunate to be alive, and you forget it.

Luck is a state of being. Reread it.

If you start appreciating what you have instead of anguishing over the things you don’t have, then you will enter that state of fortune.

Luck is also a behavior/skill that can be learned and improved.


Trust in your life, in your possibilities, in yourself. That’s the beginning of the lucky law of attraction. Thus, be thankful not only when you get what you want; but even when you lose what you have.

2. Better to be collaborative than confrontational

Pets are better people than people.

The problem is that your puppy is not a person no matter how much he brings you the slippers when you sit on the sofa.

Imagine you and your dog are on a holiday trip to Hawaii, and your plane crash into the pacific ocean. And you and your cute puppy are the only survivors.

What do you think will happen?

You’ll die unless you are Batman. And for some reason, you travel with your bat signal and project it into the sky to let rescue services know where you are.

The point here is that you need people to survive, period.

We need each other. That’s (sometimes) the ugly truth. So your inner self wants me to tell you that please stop arguing every time things do not turn out as you expected.

Stop being a trouble maker and become a problem solver with the help of others.

3. Never lose hope, train your positivity.

Viktor Frankl tells in his book Man’s Search for Meaning that during the Second World War, in the concentration camps he was in, you could tell when someone surrendered by observing whether or not they smoked the cigarettes they sometimes got as payment for their work.

The Jewish prisoners used to exchange the coupons for cigarettes and, in turn, the cigarettes for soup rations. Therefore, when someone smoked them instead of trying to get some more food, it was because he had lost all hope and accepted his fate.

Negativity leads to apathy, and apathy leads to a lack of hope. And if you have no illusion, you will soon lose hope. And that will fill your life and your heart with darkness.

Do not live in darkness. Instead, train your positivity every day, whatever the circumstances. If Viktor Frankl could do it to survive in a concentration camp, so can you.

4. Stop being a crybaby and deal with adversity.

Your inner self wants you to know that you have a superpower if you can laugh in the face of adversity.

I know it’s not easy. Life is a b*cht. But complaining all the time and doing zero to solve your problems is another form of procrastination.

You have to deal with discomfort and learn to fix it. The day you start doing it, you will succeed more than you ever think is possible.

A guy called Mario Moretti went for a walk in the Nevada desert and felt so much discomfort with his shoes that he slashed the soles of his boots so that shoes would perspire. That was the beginning of the Geox brand. The rest is history.

Every adversity is a present. A present with valuable lessons inside that can make you happy and wealthy. You only have to be bold and choose to do something about it.

A virtual hug


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