Four Things Good Persons Never Do

The more I know people, the more I love my dog.

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People suck.

You put on the tv and see people arguing. You check your smartphone, and the same thing happens on Twitter. You open the newspaper, and reading the news is worst than watching a horror movie.

“Adolescent victims of chemical submission.”

“A guy walks into a kindergarten and shoots an entire class.”

“The U.N. announces that more than five thousand civilians have died since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.”

It feels like the world is ending. Where is kindness? Where are the good ones? We need them more than ever.

But above all, how to differentiate selfish and potentially dangerous people from the rest.

You can’t know whether someone is good or bad because no one is 100 percent good. But I have identified four subtle signs that someone is not clean, four things you probably don’t do if you are a good person.

(These are mine; leave any signs you have observed to supplement this list.)

1: A good person never humiliates an employee.

The other day I went to VIPS with a friend. And while a woman was serving us, a guy at the following table kept berating her.

When the waitress finally went to her table and took her order, the guy said, “Hurry up, I don’t have all day.”

The waitress brought the order as fast as she could. And the guy, instead of thanking her, started criticizing the food and the service in a loud voice to humiliate her in front of the rest.

It was a very uncomfortable situation. And the waitress stoically put up with it because she didn’t want to jeopardize her job.

That is a huge Red Flag because people who use these situations to impose their superiority and humiliate others are usually people who don’t like themselves.

People with a clear sense of inferiority are frustrated with society and the world.

Get as far away as you can from people like that.

2: A good person will not complain in waiting lines

Everyone can have a bad day, but complaining always is a sign that something is wrong with your head.

Being an impatient person doesn’t seem like a big deal. But if you take a closer look at this attitude, you’ll realize it’s a red flag.

A person who constantly complains in the supermarket queues is complaining about the employees’ work and the people who decided to go shopping simultaneously. And this denotes selfishness.

This indicates an “I’m more important than you” attitude that usually extends to all other areas of your life.

Impatient people tend to think of themselves more than others. Period.

3: A good person will not judge you only by your appearance.

While it is true that the physical aspect can tell us many things about people, people who prefer to surround themselves preferably with attractive people have a big problem of ignorance.

And ignorance is the father of evil.

We all like a beautiful body as it is a sign of health, but I’m going to tell you something up front: if you are over forty years old and you only value people’s physique when it comes to starting a relationship, you stink.

People are increasingly running away from selfish people who only care about their physique because if you have a disease tomorrow, that guy will not take care of you.

People obsessively focused on the material push anything flawed out of their lives. And we all age. Beauty is fleeting. What remains, in the end, is the attractiveness, the intelligence, the goodness of the person.

So beware of those people who only value you for your gym body. If they overlook your other virtues, they will surely change you for someone younger when you get older, and things get ugly.

Remember that beauty is not only in the body you look at but in the eyes that look at it. And if someone can’t look at you with love, you’re not interested in them as a partner.

You deserve someone capable of looking at you with love and respect when you turn eighty and are full of wrinkles.

4: Good people do not make selfish comments about climate change.

In Europe, we are being asked to reduce the use of air conditioning for the sake of energy and climate change.

And you can hear people on social media saying seemingly innocent things like, “if I’m going to live three days, I want to live them well,” “We’ve sacrificed enough; I’m not going to remove the air conditioning and get hot.”

Are these people bad? No, what happens is that they do not think about the consequences of what they say, which is very dangerous. Because, as I said, it is ignorance that breeds evil.

But some people do realize the consequences and don’t care. So those are the evil and dangerous people.

Some people know that the world is ending and don’t care because they already lived what they had to live and don’t care what happens to those who come after them.

We have to collaborate and leave this world better than we found it and not the other way around.

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