Better Your Life By Asking Three Incredibly Simple Questions

“Every life is different, and only you have the solution. But to find it, you must first ask yourself the right questions.”

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Life wasn’t as easy as you thought as a child, was it?

Being an adult wasn’t what you thought it was. And now you have no one to teach you how to live.

Your parents are probably dead, and even if you’re lucky enough for them to be alive, you know they can’t — and shouldn’t — fight your battles.

And here you are, reading self-help articles to find answers. Or some prescription that might save you.

Spoiler Alert! There are no recipes.

Every life is different, and only you have the solution. But to find it, you must first ask yourself the right questions.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Short answer: nothing.

Long answer: nothing, but you’ve been led to believe it is.

We all are crazy monkeys with a conscience living on a rock called earth that spins at dizzying speed around a ball of fire we call the sun.

The thing is, we are all born into different environments and grow up exposed to different circumstances. And that builds us — so to speak — based on diverse life experiences.

That makes you unique but not worthless.

If you are reading this, you are alive. And if you are breathing, your life, right now, is worth more than Marcus Aurelius’ life.


Easy, he is no longer breathing; you are. So TODAY, you are more important than the emperor of Rome.

You are powerful. You and Elon Musk are sharing the same air today. Your life is worth the same as that of any millionaire or scientist, or authority figure alive today.

But for some reason, not everyone is interested in you being fully aware of it.

If you were, you wouldn’t consent to half the things you agree to in your work, relationships, and home.

And that brings us to the next question,

“Why am I so screwed up?”

Because you have swallowed the bait and bought the whole package: debt, job, mortgage, you name it. And you’re forced to lead a life that sucks to keep living the life you’re supposed to live: the American dream.

But maybe the American dream isn’t your dream.

Perhaps you want to be an artist, poet, or farmer but don’t know how to do it. And you don’t even think about it anymore, to not suffer anymore.

You accepted your destiny somewhere along the way.

And that brings us to the last question,

“At what point did my life go wrong?”

You may have chosen the wrong career, the wrong dream, the wrong partner, or the sinful life.

What difference does it make?

If you’re alive, you can always make amends. No matter how old you are or feel. It’s all up to you. You are one decision away from the life you long for.

You have to take that step; everything else will happen like a domino effect.

Deep down, you know it. But you are afraid. So let me tell you something,

No matter how hard you try, you won’t last forever. So, Why fear so much?

It is better to dare to live fully-even if it is risky than to live kneeling, without illusion: dead in life.


Fall in love with someone who is both your refuge and your greatest challenge. Fall in love with you. And that will change everything.

A virtual hug


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