Four Quotes by Jim Rohn That (if Applied) Can Make You a Better Person

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I always collect quotes during my readings and research. I write them down in posts-its and put them around my house as reminders to keep my mind focused on the important and not distracted by the superfluous.

Some posts-it is on the Laptop, some on the fridge, and some on the bathroom mirror.

I know it sounds weird, but it works for me.

And today, I want to share with you four of these posts-its with quotes from the same author, Jim Rohn, that I have around my house holding me when nothing holds me up.

1. You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. — Jim Rohn

If you want more, you must become more: more skilled, more gifted, more prepared, more focused. You have to be more than you are to get more than you’ve got.

The good news is that you can become more. But you have to be ambitious and stubborn. Forget conformity. You are valuable. Go for it.

Remember that It is not what you have; it’s who you become.

All you need to progress, believe it or not, is right in front of you. That problem you are struggling with is a tool.

You only learn from the experience. And inside any problem you face is a valuable lesson you must learn.

Life is like a videogame; all the resources you need to pass to the next level and become a better version of yourself are on the game screen you are playing.

2. It Is nice to know that you can change your life any day you wish. — Jim Rohn.

It is up to you, always was like that, and always will be. But don’t expect something new doing the same.

As Jim Rohn used to say, “If you don’t do something new today that makes a difference, guess what? It’s going to be the same.”

If you continue doing the same thing you are doing the last year, where do you believe you’ll be the next year? IN THE SAME PLACE.

Thus, you have to change something. You must try new things; to embrace the unknown. You have to risk. Because without risk, you can’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

3. If you work hard in your job, you can make a living which is fine. If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune which is super fine. — Jim Rohn.

Jim truly believes that success is something you attract by becoming a magnetic person.

You must become a magnet that attracts wealth instead of iron filings. Attraction is a force that is born inside. So, you must fill yourself with the proper knowledge and skills to level up the power of your attraction force.

Once you understand that, everything changes.

The great truths of the universe are simple, but we complicate them.

Better yourself, and your life will be better.

4. The mind is like a factory, a mental factory, and whatever you think all day long puts ingredients into this mental factory. — Jim Rohn.

The information you read, the knowledge you acquire, and the courses you take are the inputs. The economics and social results you experience in life are the outcomes.

Are you struggling?

Change the inputs, and you’ll change the outcomes.

Stop watching Netflix 4 hours a day. Stop playing video games after work. Stop the social media addiction. Instead, read some books, learn new skills, and subscribe to a course. Invest in yourself.

Listen to me; the way things are is not what affects you the most. It is the way you think things are. And if you learn some mindfulness or basic self-help stuff, you’ll see problems with a different mindset, and maybe you’ll discover some opportunities.

So, grow your knowledge to grow your life.


Life is not about great victories and failures. It’s about those little inconveniences you stoically endure every day and turn into small wins that help you stay on track.

And today, I hope to have helped you overcome some of those little inconveniences with some of these phrases.

A virtual hug


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