9 Mental Shifts You Make When You Realize You Are the CEO of Your Own Life

#7- You fire people.

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You can’t change the past, but today is tomorrow’s past. Get it?

So, if your place in life today sucks, the best thing you can do is work your ass off to improve your situation. If you do, your tomorrow will be better, and you’ll regret your today a little less because it will have become a past you’ll be proud of.

Does that make sense?

Well, now you’re probably wondering how I do it, AG?

Short answer: by taking full responsibility.

Less short answer: realizing that you are the CEO of your own life and you must act as such.

When you internalize this, the following mental changes will take place within you to help you move forward.

1. You understand that it’s okay to live a life that people don’t understand

When you start being the CEO of your life, you first notice that it is okay to think differently. People live in Matrix. You are awake, and that’s why you have different goals than the herd.

You are no longer under society’s expectations. Instead, you give a f*ck about what other person thinks is good for you: you know what is good for you more than anybody else in this world.

2. You discover the truth: you need you more than you need them

Where are your friends when you REALLY need them? Where are your loved ones when you get broke or have a bad season? Maybe next to you (maybe not), but let me tell you something: at the end of the day, you are alone, hugging your pillow and thinking of a way out of your problems.

There are good people out there, I know. But if you depend on people, you have a problem. You have to be your best friend. It must put your life together on your own. Don’t be dependent, or you’ll never live free and independent.

3. You stop arguing with people

When you become the chief of your life experience, you stop wasting time arguing with fools.

You realize two things 1) it will get you nowhere to discuss politics, sociology, philosophy, you name it, with people who don’t want to learn but to win the argument, and 2) that your time is too valuable to get entangled in meaningless discussions with people who only want to damage your ego.

4. You stop making being happy so difficult

Life may be simpler, but we complicate it. For example, when you behave like the CEO of your life, it’s not all about responsibilities and obligations: it’s also about rewards and rewards.

Every good CEO knows it is essential to create an excellent incentive and commission program to motivate his employees. These rewards, far from being an expense for the company, improve its efficiency by increasing performance and profits.

That is why when you become the CEO of your life, you not only invest in resources and training but also in rewards and incentives to make you more productive and efficient.

5. You stop losing your time explaining yourself

When you run your life as if it were a business, and you take on all the responsibility that goes with it, you stop explaining yourself to mediocre people who only want to gossip so they can stab you in the back or criticize you when you least expect it.

When you are a responsible and focused adult, you understand that no world vision is perfect because no one has the absolute truth. So your worldview is no better or worse than anyone else’s but yours. And that matters.

That is why you stop giving unnecessary explanations to others about what you do and what you stop doing because you know that you will be wrong sometimes and right others since no one has the absolute truth, and everyone fails and succeeds. So the trick is not to give up and not to waste time giving explanations.

6. You fire people

Every good CEO knows that a company’s success lies mainly in having a good team of brilliant minds working for him. It is always like this if you want to go far, work hard. If you want to go much farther, work as a team.

And that’s why when you become your life’s CEO, you stop allowing mediocre people into your circle. You stop needing the approval of toxic people who manipulate you, and you fire them without a tremble in your heart because you know it’s for the company’s good: your life.

When you surround yourself with good people, you cannot expose them to toxic people because a rotten apple rots your basket, and you must protect your people, your team.

7. You start seeing problems as opportunities

Behind every issue is an opportunity; the best CEOS in the world know it. And they build their service and product companies around solving those problems. Problems spawn entire industries; for example, boredom begets the entertainment industry.

So when you become the CEO of your own life, not only do you not avoid problems, you take a particular interest in them. You want to know everything, to find an efficient, cheap, and fast solution as soon as possible, and to be able to share it with others or sell it 😉

8. You don’t mind losing if you win

Losing money can buy you time.

A good CEO knows that you can’t be a master of everything and a learner of nothing. And he has to learn to delegate responsibilities and tasks he is not good at. That costs him money, but it saves him time.

A good CEO also knows that you often have to lose the opportunity to opt for a better one. A good CEO knows when to pivot. And he does not tremble if he has to lose a contract or fire someone to make his business structure lighter and more adaptable to the market.

That’s why when you become the CEO of your life, you accept with humility the loss of personal and work opportunities, the betrayals of family and friends, and love breakups. Because you know that you may lose an option, a supposed friend or a romantic partner, but in doing so, you gain PEACE OF MIND.

9. You stop expecting life to be fair

How you view people is the most significant mental shift you will experience by becoming your life’s CEO.

You will stop expecting people’s loyalty. You’ll understand that human beings are imperfect, and sometimes things end.

You will also understand that you can’t demand the truth from people who cheat themselves. And most people lie to themselves 😉

A virtual hug


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