How I Unprogrammed My Mind to Stop Feeling Inferior

Reprogram your mind before it is too late.

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When you feel worthless, you hear dark voices inside your head.

The voices sound like this,

“You’re an ugly b*tch, and you always will be.”

“Everyone is about to realize you’re a fraud.”

“You’re useless. You f*ck everything up. Everything goes wrong for you, and everyone who gets close to you gets hurt.”

And all you want is to shut the damn voices inside your head, right?

But it’s not easy, and that’s why you drink, smoke, and eat sh*t: you want something to calm that pain.

But none of that soothes it; it just makes it worse.

I’ve been there, mate. — I’ve spent the last two decades trying to find the way out of the hole.

And I discovered the best way to stop being f*cked up.

How do you do that?

The only way is by unlearning what you’ve learned, deprogramming your mind, deleting all the f*cking cookies, passing the antivirus, and starting to reprogram your brain once you’ve deleted all the corrupted files.

If your mental chatter — the stories you tell yourself — is screwing up your life, why not replace them with new voices that tell better stories inside your mind?

You can do it by reading good books.

Set aside time to read books that inspire you to be better and pull you out of the hole of victimhood. Don’t rush; read those books slowly. Listen to the voice inside your head reciting each line.

Be present. You are reprogramming your mind by doing so. Be consistent, do it every day.

If you listen to Anthonie Robbins inside you, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, Benjamin Hardy or Tim Denning while you read their books, you will not be able to listen to your victimizing voice.

It’s like meditating but reading. And it works.

Because it works?

Oh, my colleague! For the same reason, it works to train when your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you.

When you have a breakup, you can do two things.

  1. Listen to sad songs to connect more deeply with the pain you’re feeling.
  2. Go to the gym so you don’t hear that victimizing voice screaming, “Why me? boohoo, nobody loves me!”. (All that sh*t)

When you train, you can’t self-pity, making you short-circuit the voices that whisper dark things to you.

You see, it’s all about starving the negative voice that tells you you’re not worth a sh*t — instead of feeding it your sad Spotify playlist 🙁

Therefore, what you do matters. The external information you also consume matters. And once you understand that, you begin to glimpse the reason for your low self-esteem and ask yourself this question.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg

“Do I feel bad because I surround myself with bad people and consume harmful content, or do I surround myself with toxic people and consume harmful content because I feel bad?”

What’s the point? The important is to be aware of the problem, aka the dark voice inside your head yelling at you, “You are a loser.” And find the way to stop that sh*t.

Maybe changing the ugly voice inside your head for a kind one doesn’t resolve all your problems, but it’s a good start.

This quote changed everything for me.

“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of your mind. — You are the one who hears it.”— Michael A. Singer.

Because if that’s true, you are also the one who can choose to listen or not and the one who can replace that dark voice with a brighter one.

The moment I understood this, I started to reprogram my mind. I understood that your inner voice could be your best friend or worst enemy, but you (the person observing that voice) decide.

  • Putting on pink happiness glasses will be easier if you choose a friendly voice.
  • If you choose the enemy voice, you will see everything with the black glasses of anguish.

Hacking your brain

Your inner voice has three primary sources of nourishment.

  1. Experiences you live.
  2. People you relate to.
  3. Information you consume.
Design created by the author with canva

Increase the quality of your experiences, friendships, and information, and your inner voice will improve. And in doing so will change your reality. You will have hacked the matrix.

Design created by the author with canva

You can’t change the real world.

But your thoughts can change.

Choose to eliminate all unnecessary negativity from your life. Improve your friendships and the information you consume, and seek out positive experiences to enrich your path actively.

If you do, your perception of the reality that is your reality will improve as I show you in this little graphic — even if the real world turns dark and sad — for you to steal it from me, carry it with you and never forget it.

Design created by the author with canva

Unprogram your mind. You are worth much more than you think.

A virtual hug


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