Manifestation Work: a Quick Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams Faster

Manifesting is much easier if you know how to do it.

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Sorry, this is not a Rhonda Byrne advice article.

I will not promise that all your dreams will come true (I respect you too much to insult your intelligence).

In this article, we will develop a simple and quick three-step system that will improve the chances that what you want to manifest will eventually come to pass.

These are tips that I have personally tested, and they have worked for me.

But first things first.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is materializing your dreams and goals in the reality you inhabit.

But it is not easy. Because the reality you inhabit usually doesn’t match the things you desire.

  • You can’t materialize a mansion living in a neighborhood.
  • You can’t materialize millions in the bank if your accounts are in the red.
  • You can’t materialize love if you don’t love yourself.

First, you have to become your future self, the person who is capable of achieving that.

Then, it would help if you created the right environment to plant the seed (your dream), and after some time and the proper care, it will bloom (materialize).

To do this, you need to follow these three steps every day.

First Step: Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

Resilience Is the ability to overcome traumatic circumstances. And it’s a skill you can improve by training (Facing challenges and responsibilities instead of running away from them) and avoiding all the sh*t (the negativity you use to surround yourself with).

To manifest your dreams, you will have to be brave and dare to face adversity, but you also have to keep a positive attitude while you do it.

It’s not enough to do things; you must do them with enthusiasm, excitement, and positivity.

This is not holistic advice is the most practical thing to do because the better you are emotional, the better decisions you make, and the sooner you solve the problems you encounter.

Another thing to avoid is harboring limiting feelings inside you.

I know anger can be used as fuel, but it won’t get you as far as love. And if your dreams are epic enough, you will need love as fuel, not anger and resentment.

Drawn by author

So stop envying, hating, or harboring any complaint in your heart about the world or your competition.

The world is unfair, don’t waste time complaining about it. Instead, try to make it better by materializing your dreams.

Second step: avoid energy vacuums

The dreams you want to materialize are broken down into small tasks with energy costs.

On the other hand, if you have slept well, you wake up with your battery charged with 100% energy.

The problem is that everything has an energy cost during the day: your dreams and the rest of the things you do.

Among the things you do, some things add energy, such as meditating, walking, training, and relaxing. And others that drain you of every last drop of fuel. For example,

  • Arguments with family members, co-workers, friends, or partners cost energy.
  • Toxic social interactions cost energy.
  • Overeating costs energy.
  • Distracting yourself from social networks consumes a lot of your energy.
  • Even sitting with a passive attitude consumes a lot of energy.
Drawn by author

Therefore, either you start eliminating those people and activities that suck your energy, or you will never have enough power to achieve your goals.

Take it from me. The fundamental reason people don’t reach their goals, besides the excess negativity and lack of motivation, is that they don’t have the energy to achieve them.

  • If you want a six-pack, you need the energy to go to the gym.
  • If you want to make a million dollars, you need the energy to set up and run a company or to create a product or service.
  • To find love, you must dedicate quality time daily to that particular person.

Everything is energy, don’t let it steal it!

Third step: redefine your limits

Once you have cultivated a resilient mindset, moved away from negativity, and learned to protect your energy, the last step is to set your limits.

I’m going to tell you something hard: you need limits.

Limits are the beams that make up the structure of the dream you intend to build.

But building a house is not the same as making a castle.

Drawn by author

This is what happens with dreams; if your dreams are castles but the limits of your mind are the size of a prefabricated house of 60 square meters, how will you build a castle?

Limits support your dreams.

Limits give structure and shape to your goals.

But if your limits are small, your dreams will be small too.

Your risk-taking limit has to increase if you want a dream the size of a castle.
The same goes for the limit of your discomfort, your availability, etc.

Either you enlarge your limits, or you will never achieve anything, and it doesn’t matter if you do the above steps to perfection.

Each new game level requires more skill and the capacity to take risks. So, either your limits grow, or you will remain stagnant.

Imagine you want to be a comedian.

You can’t claim to be a world-class comedian if you only dare to perform in small nightclubs. At some point, you will have to overcome your fears and push your limits to perform a monologue in a stadium.

So it is with every dream you have. You have to adapt your limits to the size of your plan so that you build a strong structure capable of sustaining them with those limits.

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