Rule 13: It is the goal that determines the process

After you become a millionaire, you can give away all your money because the important thing is not the million dollars. The important thing is the person you’ll be become.

—Jim Rohn.

We have already seen in rule 7 that improving your goals improves your life.

And this happens because the goal determines the process.

It is not the same to prepare a plate of spaghetti as preparing a sandwich.

If you want spaguetti… First, you must boil the pasta, find the suitable salt, fry the meat and vegetables, and then mix it.

The sandwich needs you to open the bread and put the sausage in, and it is ready to serve.

It is not better to eat one thing or another, but what you can not pretend is to make a spaghetti bolognese preparing a sandwich and the other way around.

This seems silly, but it is not because people spend their lives making spaghetti using the sandwich process, wanting to succeed in life but doing the things the average person does.

And if the achievers are always the minority, they don’t behave like the majority.

So you will have to know the recipe for your spaghetti to get a good stew; you will have to follow the specific process to create the expected result.

You can’t expect to be fit without going to the gym.
You can’t expect to make money online without working hard.
You can’t expect to [Insert your goal here] without following the proper steps.

Daily rule: Reverse engineer what you want to achieve: identify your goal and then look for referents who have completed it. Write down on a piece of paper the steps they took.

Now you have a decent recipe to make your spaghetti and not keep making sandwiches.

Bon appétit!


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