Rule 14: Measure It if You Want to Achieve It

The more measurable and detailed your Future Self, the faster you’ll progress toward your goals.

—Benjamin Hardy.

If you don’t have clear goals, you will never get anywhere. 

What is a clear goal? A quantifiable objective. 

How will you know if you’ve arrived if you can’t measure your achievement?

Having a clear goal allows you to reverse engineer (see rule 13) and set milestones and checkpoints to accomplish your goal in smaller steps. 

This is how you draw the road to success. 

Imagine that your goal is to run a marathon. 

Your clear goal has to include the deadline of the marathon you intend to run. 

For example, the New York Marathon (Sunday, November 6th).

Imagine you are in January. Now you can break down your goal into milestones that will lead you to complete the 42.195 kilometers of the marathon.

These Milestones can be. 

Run 10 km per day in January. 

Run 15 km a day in February.

Hire a professional to improve nutrition and training in March.

And so on until race day. 

This maximizes your chances of success. 

And it applies to any dream you have. 

Daily rule:

  • Set a goal.
  • Visualize the accomplishment.
  • Set the milestones to get you there.
  • Start the journey. 


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